About us

... at oikiaset we are next to you !!! 

Experienced designers

Any idea you have the experienced designers of our business will do for you. You tell us your idea we are discussing with you, we advise you if there is a chance to improve the plan and eventually we design it for you.

Kitchen, Seating, Children ... are some places we can design together as you dream them! ! ! 

Respect for your vision

Having as a key point of reference the quality, the high aesthetics and the absolute respect for its client, oikiaset ensures the maximum value of your money and wants you to enjoy every day in your space the benefits of a quality and affordable Greek company.

At our shop in Patras, you will find the proposal that suits your dream home!

Suggestions that serve the ultimate ergonomics and utilization of kitchen areas and living areas to give you a single image and the same materials in all your spaces.

We design exclusively for you and your space!

Every solution is absolutely personal!

Product quality

At oikiaset we offer a complete solution for your home featuring kitchen furniture, wardrobes, household, children's, bathroom furniture, fixtures and special constructions.

Intaglio, the capital of Achaia, has an advanced furniture production line with its exclusive manufacture!

With a variety of materials, a huge range of colors and a host of mechanisms that make life easier.

It has earned the confidence of consumers in furniture, outstanding quality, long life and impressive design, as well as innovative design suggestions for the full functional use of your space.

Fast and reliable

Οikiaset recognizing the needs of each furnishing application, is made up of experienced and skilled staff.

Maintaining a strict policy for its technical staff and maintenance department, which is staffed by experienced and trained craftsmen, ensuring the perfect, smooth and safe placement of furniture.

Sales Manager

Panos Athanasopoulos

Decoration Advisor